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Oman is a modern country, with a high level of security. The Musandam peninsula, in particular, is a semi desert. Actually, not far from here the Strait of Hormuz is situated. It is one of the most secured places on the planet. The result: a minimal risk leaning to zero (Allibert Travel Agency’s CEO.)

This completely relaxing stay in the Sham Bay is an ideal purpose to escape from the winter season under the sunshine. This trip offers multiple activities centered on the sea kayak; moreover, swimming, fishing and snorkeling are included in the program. It offers as well, two beautiful hiking itineraries.

During the 4 pedaling days, we advance in rocky scenery created by precipices and creeks interspersed by small islands and fishermen villages.

An incredible fauna lives sustainably in the bay’s waters: two dolphin species, eagle rays and the non-hostile reef shark. In the mornings we navigate to explore the fjord. In the afternoons, when the sun is warmer, the activities are more towards the swimming and snorkeling in the middle of the coral reef (the water temperature is about 30°C in November). You will take your first lessons on troll fishing to complete the evening meal. Two beautiful daily hiking routes will help you undercover the places in altitude. Hence, you would contemplate a splendid view on the Musandam complex.

DAY 1: Paris> Dubai> Khasab

Arrival at Dubai early in the morning of Day 2 or late in the evening on Day 1. Night transfer in minibus to Khasab. We stay for a short overnight at the Family hotel in Khasab. Film Rando Kayak


DAY 2: Khasab> start for a 4 days independent kayak trip

The early afternoon is dedicated to quick trip preparations. Later on, loading of the boats with the equipment for the 4 days independent trip within the fjord of Sham. We are leaving the port in the late afternoon, to navigate for one or two hours alongside the rocky shore. Next aim would be to set up our camping place within a small creek bordered by a white sand beach.

Nos of activity hours:     2 hours of navigation

Accommodation:             bivouac


DAY 3: The island of Shams

In the morning we are passing at the foot of Humsi, an islet sugar loaf, which is keeping the entrance of Sham Bay. It is a little bit further, where the Humpback dolphins gather early in the morning, waiting on the arrival of the traditional Omani’s dhows, to play with their waves. At noon a salad buffet will be served, just before going to swim in the middle of the corals. In the middle of the afternoon, we are rounding the Sham islands, exploring their secret creeks and their sea caves before berthing in our camp.

Nos of activity hours:     3 to 4 hours of navigation

Transportation:                 kayak

Accommodation:             bivouac


DAY 4: Hiking in Maglab al Bari

With the first morning lights, we are climbing the highs for several minutes of contemplation, when the bay is peaceful and the sun is gently illuminating in red the huge wall of Sham Mountain.

Navigating along the coastline in kayak heading the fjord depth, we will introduce you to the pleasure of troll fishing. Nothing could be easier than caching a fish while in the kayak.

Arrival at Dashun, a bay surrounded by steep walls, we are ascending a pass by a secret trail, to perch ourselves on the ridge which reign over a second bay, that of Habbalayan, washed by the Indian Ocean waters. Sometimes it is possible to observe some sharks in the transparency through the shallow emerald waters.

Lunch will be on the coastline and snorkeling later in the middle of the corals. In the middle of the afternoon, after a short passage in kayak, we will reach the village of Sibi. The couple of fishermen houses are sheltered in the foot of an impressive cliff of 800 m high. We will benefit by the water refreshment. After a short navigation, we will reach the Sibi Island to settle down our camp.

Nos of activity hours:     3 to 5 hours of navigation

Hiking:                                  1 hour

Transportation:                 kayak


DAY 5: Sham summit

In the morning traveling around the island we will have the opportunity to contemplate the transparent waters and sea depths. This is the best way to observe the eagle rays “flying” on the surface.

After the fjord crossing we will take a break at 10 o’clock to take a swim and explore the coral massifs of Sham Island. We will run into Madagascar fish, clown, parrot fish etc.; continuing our trip it is not rare to cross again the road of a Humpback dolphins group a few meters away from the shore.

We are pedaling afterwards, for some more two or three hours to reach in the foot of the impressive mount of Sham, which dominate the Musandam peninsula.

We are leaving our kayaks in order to ascend the summit of approximate 890 m above sea level (the climb is optional depending on the group level). We will take a path build by ourselves in the first 2/3 of its length; afterwards the landform become less steep and we keep on going without a track to reach the summit. Here the fresh air climbing the wall gives dizziness to the ascender. In a clear whether, the view is astonishing. We return back to spend the night on the beach.

Ascending elevation:      880 m

Hiking:                                  4 to 7 hours


DAY 6: Back to Khasab

After a short crossing we stop to have a swim, just before returning to Khasab in the early afternoon.

Relocation and storage of the equipment. Occupation of our settlement of few apartments. Dinner at a local restaurant.

Nos of activity hours:     2 to 4 hours of navigation

Accommodation:             Apartment hotel Esra


DAY 7: Khasab > Hiking in Wadi Quadah (canyon)

Going by one wadi, a narrow gorge, we are climbing the canyon jumping from stone to another. After some sporty parts, we are ending on desert plateau which overlook the Strait of Hormuz. We are exploring a traditional village which staid practically intact. Stone walls are capturing the rare rain drops to water the fields and the tanks.

The way back is taking a curved trail, 2 m wide, boarding a cliff. This trial overhangs spectacularly, although very secure, and gives access the breathtaking views. (Thinking on refraining, if subject to a dizziness or vertigo).

We are reaching the Quadah valley and are crossing its palm grove, which greenery preserves the nice feeling of an infinite wellbeing.

Transfer to Khasab by a motorcar.

Ascending elevation:      500 m

Hiking:                                  4 to 8 hours

Accommodation:             Apartment hotel Esra


DAY 8: Khasab >Dubai, visiting Dubai

Tranfer to Dubai in a minibus: arriving in the early afternoon. Visiting the incredible downtown of all challenges. We are starting by perceiving the perfumes in the souks just before the crossing of the “creek” in taxi boat to reach the heritage neighborhood in order to understand the incredible adventure of the modern builders starting from its historical center.

We are then transferred in the future in the feet of the skyscrapers of the years 2000. A trip which will take us from Burdj al Arab Hotel the symbol of Dubai, and the artificial island Palm Jumeira where the incredible hotel Atlantis is crowning.

We continue the visit, depending on the time left, with a short visit of the Ski Dubai, an indoor ski station, just before ending it with the discovery of Dubai Mall and its gigantic aquarium. The end will be reached in front of Burj Khalifa, the highest tower on Earth.

Dinner in a restaurant on the foot of the skyscraper, just before the night transfer to the airport.

DAY 9: Dubai> Europe

Landing at Paris.

The following program is given for reference purposes and could be modified depending on weather conditions and/or marine circumstances.

1 / Nos prix comprennent

   – Le vol aller/retour Paris-Dubaï (départ de province avec supplément en fonction des disponibilités)

– Les taxes aériennes et de sécurité

– Les transferts et déplacements selon le programme.

– La pension complète durant le séjour à Oman, sauf repas à Dubaî.

– Hébergement décrit en chambre double en hôtel, base occupation double sous tente.

– Les services d’un accompagnateur français, spécialiste de la destination

– Matériel de camping (tente, matelas, duvet) et de cuisine

2 / Les prix ne comprennent pas

– Les frais de visa d’Oman et de sortie des Émirats: (environ 17 €)

– Vos frais personnels : toutes les boissons durant les repas au restaurant et à l’hôtel (eau comprise), téléphones, pourboires, etc.

– L’assurance “Annulation”, “Rapatriement” et “Risques de voyage” facultative selon les options choisies lors de l’inscription

– Le pré-acheminement jusqu’à Paris

– Les suppléments hôtel SINGLE sur demande

– Les nuits supplémentaires à Dubai à l’arrivée ou au départ sur demande

– Les frais réels de séjour supplémentaires en cas de modifications ou annulation des vols internationaux indépendant de notre volonté (hôtellerie, repas et transferts supplémentaires, etc.)

– Les repas à Dubai (environ 50 €)


3 / Groupe

Groupes de 6 à 14 personnes. 2 personnes par kayak

Les départs sont garantis à partir de 6 personnes. En dessous de ce nombre, 80 jours voyages se réserve le droit d’annuler le séjour.


4 / Niveau

Facile Mais néanmoins actif car beaucoup d’activités s’enchainent. La météo peut-être parfois capricieuse surtout en plein cœur de l’hiver.

Le relief parfois abrupt n’offre pas toujours de plages pour accoster, nous pouvons faire parfois 3 heures de kayak d’affilée. La connaissance du kayak n’est pas obligatoire mais savoir nager est indispensable.


5 / Etapes et horaires

Même en hiver, la lumière de midi est forte et parfois agressive. Pour profiter pleinement des moments où la lumière est la plus douce, nous vivons au rythme du soleil.

Le matin, lever entre 5h30 et 6h30 suivant la saison.

Le départ intervient généralement autour de 8h30.

Halte autour de 10h30 pour une baignade salutaire, suivi par une heure de navigation en kayak avant la pause déjeuner. Possibilité d’effectuer une balade avant le repas de midi.

L’après-midi, départ vers 15h 00 et généralement la navigation se termine autour de 16h30 : cela dépendra de l’étape. Soit, environ 2 à 5 heures d’activité par jour.

Le soleil se couche autour de 18 h00 et nous aux alentours de 21 heures.


Le relief est généralement escarpé. Il n’existe pas de sentiers. C’est pour cela que nous avons taillés des sentiers sur les flancs des montagnes afin de faciliter votre séjour. Cependant malgré les sentiers et bien que cela ne soit pas très vertigineux, il est préférable de ne pas être sujet au vertige.

Activité nautique

Nous prenons le temps de vous permettre d’admirer les fonds marins en transparence, de vous apprendre à pêcher ou tout simplement de regarder quelques dauphins passer près de nos embarcations.

Votre guide connaît parfaitement le site et saura vous faire découvrir les plus beaux fonds marins ou les lieux où viennent se rassembler les requins ou les raies aigles.

6 / L’aérien

Les horaires d’avion sont prévus généralement dans la tranche horaire suivante :

Arrivée à Dubai                       J2            entre 02h00 et 05h00 du matin.

Mais vous pouvez arriver aux alentours de 22h00 du J1 selon les diponibilitées aériennes.

Retour départ de Dubaï        J9            entre 23h00 (J8) et 04h00 (J9)


7/ Hébergement

Les nuits sont prévues en générale au « Esra hôtel appartement ». C’est un hôtel familial avec des appartements comportant deux chambres avec des lits twins et deux salles de bains.

L’accès à la piscine est libre.

Pour les bivouacs : nuits sous tente ou bivouac à votre convenance, les matelas autogonflants et tentes sont fournis.


8/ Les repas et l’alcool

Les repas sont composés généralement de produits frais.

La pêche concède certains avantages, principalement celui de se nourrir de la mer.

Le repas de midi est proposé sous  forme d’un buffet où vous pouvez constituer votre assiette de salade à votre convenance.

Le soir c’est un repas chaud.

Pour l’apéritif, sachez que l’alcool n’est pas interdit à Oman, cependant il est impossible d’en acheter sur place. Les bouteilles en verre n’étant pas pratique, il est conseillé de se munir de récipient en plastique pour le transport.

Nous vous invitons à apporter également une spécialité de votre région afin de la faire partager.


9/ L’encadrement

Un guide français spécialiste de la destination

Un chauffeur local pour les transferts en minibus.

No dates planned yet

References : OMA01


Comfort Comfort : 2/5

Level Level : 2/5

Type of trip Adult group
Accommodation Hôtel Camping
Transport Kayak
Activities Kayak Snorkeling Randonnée Pêche Dauphins

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